Dade County Sheriff’s Kitchen Saves Taxpayer Money

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office has released the latest numbers showing the savings that have been realized by building the new kitchen at the jail.  After acquiring the vendor history from the Dade County Commission showing checks that were written each week for the last fourteen months (7 months of the previous vendor and 7 months of the current vendor, we are pleased to announce a very significant savings of $59,676.42 since the kitchen has opened.

These numbers reflect that the previous food vendor charged $120,392.00 for the last seven months they supplied food to the jail.  Valley Services the current vendor charged $58,758.78 for the subsequent seven months they have manned the new kitchen at the jail.  That is a difference of $61,633.22.

The gas that has been used in the new kitchen totals $1,956.80 for the seven months the kitchen has been operating. These monthly bills were taken from the checks paid for gas for the kitchen, from the commissioner’s office. The electric bill has remained virtually unchanged as that room was previously used as a courtroom and later a meeting/ training room so it has continually been lighted and heated/cooled.  The equipment cost has been added into the cost of the meals.

Deducting the $1,956.80 from the $61,633.22 leaves $59,676.42.  That figure divided by 7 months gives a savings of $8,525.20.  The $8,525.20 amount times 12 reflects a yearly savings of $102,302.40.

If you wish to see these figures for yourself, please come by the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and we will be glad to provide you with the numbers.