Court Services

Civil Process Division is under the leadership of Lt. Danny Ellis. Civil Division Clerk is Carolyn Garren. The Records Clerk is Diane Barnard. This division is responsible for the service of all civil processes, court orders, and warrants form Superior, State, Magistrate, Juvenile and Probate Court. Deputies provide security for the courthouse and all courts. They are responsible for most prisoner transports and extraditions. They also do mental health transports as required by Georgia Law.

Court Services Frequently Asked Questions:

• I have civil papers that need to be served in Dade County where do I send them?

All civil papers to be served along with the proper service fee amount should be sent to:
Dade County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil Division/ Carolyn Garren
P.O. Box 920
75 Case Avenue
Trenton, GA  30752

• What are the fees to have Civil Papers served?

Civil Action paperwork $50.00
Writ of Possession or Writ of Fieri Facias (FiFa) $50.00
Nulla Bona $20.00
Witness Subpoena $10.00
Subpoena $5.00

• “I want to go get my property” What do I do?

As a general rule we can only do what we are ordered to do by any Georgia Court (Family Violence orders from other states is an exception to the rule since they can be enforces or served throughout the United States).

• “I have a court order to get my child and I need your help!”

As a general rule we can only do what we are ordered to do by any Georgia Court (Family Violence orders from other states is an exception to the rule since they can be enforced or served throughout the United States). If the court has entered an order and the other party is failing to comply, you should consult with a private attorney about the possibility of filing a contempt of court action.

• Dispossessory Proceeding

Once we receive a Dispossessory Proceeding from the court we make every attempt to promptly serve the Dispossessory. Your address for service must be correct since this address will be used when and if the Magistrate Court issues a Writ of Possession to Evict. The deputy serving the dispossessory will enter a last date to answer on the Dispossessory and the service sheet.

• Eviction (Writ of Possession)

Evictions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. You can contact Civil Process at 706-657-3233 ext.355 to schedule the eviction. A fee of $25.00 will be needed to cover the eviction [(this fee is set by the state law, O.C.G.A..15-16-21 (b.)(12)]. We schedule evictions to be completed in two hours. Please schedule enough help to keep in the time limit. Deputies do not assist in the physical removal of property.

Please note the answers to these questions are for information only and are not to take the place of legal advice from an attorney.

• “I want to get a Temporary Protective Order on someone!”

To file for a Temporary Protective or Stalking Order the procedure is as follows:
The Out-Reach Advocate Schedule is as follows for Dade & Catoosa Counties:
Dade County (706) 657-3233 Court on alternate Wednesdays & Thursdays
Crisis Center Hotline: (706) 375-7630 or 1-800-334-2836 (collect calls accepted)

Catoosa County (706) 866-1465 Monday – Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Lunch 12:00 to 1:00pm)

The Advocate will let you know if you qualify & then make an appointment for you to come in. Below are the guidelines for a T.P.O. (temporary protective order)