My name is Major Tommy Bradford. I have been married to my wife Mary Ann, since 2007, and together we have six wonderful children. I am a 1992 graduate of Northwest Georgia High School here in Trenton, Georgia. After high school, I started my career in law enforcement at the Dade County Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher, in 1993. In 1994 I graduated from the Floyd College Police Academy, and started work as a road deputy.


In 2000, I began working as a School Resource Officer for the Dade County School System, and continued there until 2004. In 2005, I was promoted to Captain over the road deputies, until September of 2007, at which time I took a break from law enforcement.


In March 2009, I once again started working for the Dade County Sheriff’s Office as a School Resource Officer. In September 2013, I was promoted to 2nd in command as a Captain, and then eventually promoted to Chief Deputy/Major. I have served in many key operational and administrative roles over the years. This includes a Sergeant Position, SORT Officer, School Resource officer, Captain, and Chief Deputy/Major.


As a lifelong resident of Dade County, I am committed to the safety and wellbeing of this county.




Chief Deputy

Major Tommy Bradford