The Dade County Jail was built and established in 1989 to accommodate the need for an updated facility and the growth of criminal activity. Mandated by state regulations, the jail is designed to house 116 inmates including general population and segregation cells. The Jail currently operates along with contracted food and medical services for the inmates. The jail's kitchen was built for efficiency in 2012 in efforts to reduce the financial strain on the community. The Sheriff is the sole custodian of the jail; responsible for the care, custody and control of all persons arrested or housed until their lawful release.


The Dade County Jail houses both male and female inmates ranging in classifications of misdemeanor, pre-trail and convicted felony offenders. The jail also houses in and out of state agency offenders who are waiting transfer to another facility. In addition to housing inmates, the jail also operates the Warrant and Sex Offender Divisions while maintaining partnerships with local and state agencies.


Charged by the Sheriff, 16 staff members manage and work within the facility to ensure all policies, procedures and state regulations are executed properly and lawfully. The Dade County Jail strives to keep a positive partnership with the community and through inmate work detail, help to lessen the burden of the tax payer with supervised inmate labor.


Inmate Mail Requirements:

   Inmates’ Name

   P.O. Box 920

   Trenton, GA  30752


Inmates can receive money orders, stamps, pictures (no more than 10 - ABSOLUTELY NO NUDE OR VULGAR PICTURES)







I became the jail captain in October of 2014. I have been with the Dade County Sheriff’s office since 2008 and I have worked in all capacities of the jail. I have 11+  years experience working in correctional facilities. My duties include supervising the daily operational activities of the correctional facility; enforcing the departmental rules, regulations and procedures necessary to maintain security in and around the jail, ensuring the compliance with all departmental policies, procedures and state and local laws regulation, directing the scheduling an movement of prisoners to ensure the inmates ate transported to other correctional facilities as required and insuring all civil process and warrants are served.   I have received multiple certification in this field including:  first responder, life safety code. tri-state  crematory commendation, advanced arson investigations, hazardous materials training, basic firefighter, national fire academy course, conducting basic fire prevention inspections and natural gas and lp emergency response.  I also serve on the Dade Family First board, the Dade County Chamber Board and Chairman of the Dade Organization Acting in Disaster (DOAD) Board.

Captain Joe Chambers


The Assistant Jail Administrator; Lieutenant Hailey Geddie is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the jail while supervising both inmates and staff members. Lieutenant Geddie started her career in public service through enlistment of the United States Army once graduating High School. After completing her time in the service, she obtained her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice Management from the University of Phoenix. Lieutenant Geddie joined the Dade County Sheriff's Office in 2008 as a Jail Officer. Throughout her career with the Sheriff's Office she has held the titles of Jail Training Coordinator, Corporal, Sergeant and Chief Logistics Officer during the April 2011 Tornado Disaster. In 2012 she received her state mandate certification as a Georgia Peace Officer.


If you have any questions or concerns for the Dade County Jail, you may contact her via email.

Lieutenant Hailey Geddie


Control Room - Office Clerk

Howard Doyle