The Senior C.A.R.E. (Caring About Resident Elderly) program is sponsored by the Dade County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety of our elderly, homebound, or medically disabled citizens.  These citizens can feel a sense of security and caring just knowing a daily call will be made from the participants in this program.


If you or anyone you know needs this service or has a family member or neighbor who would benefit from the Senior C.A.R.E. Program, please contact the Dade County Sheriff’s Office so that they may get the assistance they need.


Volunteers are needed for the Senior C.A.R.E.  Program. Participants must be willing to invest the time to make a phone call each day, to each of the citizens in their care. If the participant is unable to reach their citizen after several tries, they should contact the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and an officer will be sent to the citizen’s residence.  We know that meeting the needs of our elderly citizens will be especially rewarding to each participant.  The  Senior C.A.R.E. program will bring reassurance to those in our communities who will be helped by your involvement.


Those community members who want to volunteer can get an application for the Senior C.A.R.E. Program by contacting the Dade County Sheriff’s Office at 706-657-3233 or by downloading the PDF application form, filling it ou and delivering it to the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.