All visitors will register with the Visitation Officer in the jail lobby. Visitors will be allowed into the visitation room after registration.


The following rules apply to all visitors:


1. Each inmate will be allowed a total of five (5) visitors on their visitation day. All visitors over the age of seventeen (17) must have a picture identification card with them. No ID – No Visit – No Exceptions.


2. Each visitation will be limited to thirty (30) minutes for each scheduled visitation period regardless of the number of visitors. The Shift Supervisor must approve any extended visit.


3. Only three (3) visitors will be allowed in the visitation booth at one time, small children included. Children or infants that must be held will not count in visitor total. It will be the responsibility of parents to control their children. Children who are causing a disturbance for other visitors will be removed and the visit terminated.


4. Visitors under the age of seventeen (17) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


5. There will be no contact visits. No exceptions.


6. No food, drink, cameras, cell phones or other related devices, packages, knives or other weapons allowed in the visitation area.



8. All visitors will be properly attired before being allowed to enter the visitation booth. Male visitors will be attired in shirt, trousers, and shoes. Female visitors will be attired in conservative clothing and shoes. No running or short shorts, halter tops or swim suits will be allowed.


9. Intoxicated visitors will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest. Visitors who become unruly or disorderly will be removed from the building and their visitation privileges revoked.


10. Smoking is not allowed in the jail lobby or the visitation booths.


11. Visitation requests may be denied at any time due to volume, disturbances, time limitations or circumstances beyond the control of our staff or facility.


12. In cases of emergency within the facility visitors will be asked to immediately terminate their visit and leave the building. Any visitor failing to comply with an order from staff members is subject to having visitation privileges permanently revoked. Continuous violation of rules will cause visitation to be permanently revoked.






Visitation for all inmates will be held on Wednesday and Sunday. Visitation is subject to being canceled or changed if safety or security concerns dictate. All visitors must be here in the first hour of the particular cell block visitation that the inmate they are visiting is housed in to sign up. Anyone who does not arrive before the first hour of that particular cell block is over to sign up will not be allowed to visit due to time constraints. No outside items will be accepted for any inmate. The visitation schedule for each block is as follows:



      Male Inmates                                                          Female Inmates

      D Block – 9 AM -11 AM, Sign up at 9 AM                A Block – 3 PM – 5 PM, Sign up at 3 PM

      C Block – 11 AM-1 PM, Sign up at 11 AM               Holding Cell –5 PM -7 PM, Sign up at 5 PM

      B Block – 1 PM - 3 PM, Sign up at 1 PM

      Holding Cell – 5 PM – 7 PM, Sign up at 5 PM



FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE RULES MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE VISIT AND THE TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT BARRING OF THE VISITOR FROM FURTHER VISITATION. Emergency visits will be approved through the Jail Administrator or his designee and will not exceed normal visitation time limits. Any religious materials must be approved by the Jail Administrator.